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I.T. Small Business Organization Tools:

Are you looking to grow your business and take it to the next level? Or, maybe you’re an employee/independent contractor looking to find tools that can make your job easier. This practical guide will provide you with the technological tools you should have in your toolbox. From online development to organizational means, we’ll cover the necessary small business organization tools every professional should have.

1. RingCentral:

RingCentral is an application for organizing incoming phone calls. They provide a phone line for your business, plus extensions for each worker. So, let’s say you purchase the phone number 800-123-4567, and each time a customer calls, that’s how they reach you. Then, you assign each extension line to each one of your workers: ext 101, 102, 103, etc. Now, when a potential customer calls they will hear a menu and they can directly reach the person they are looking for. The main benefits are that it mostly gets rid of the need for an operator while making your phone number highly recognizable. Say goodbye to the days of clients saving five different cell phone numbers just to get through to someone. The client now has one phone number to contact your business, one number they can easily remember. Businesses are fluid, but they will never lose that number, no matter how many employees come and go.

On top of that, you’ll never miss a call again. Voicemails are saved in a log, going directly into the inbox of the correct worker. Only the company administrator will have access to all of these voicemails and missed calls, in case the employees forget to check them. It’s essential to oversee the work being performed in your company. Plus, if you use BarrierEnergy as your “referrer”, RC will give you a $50 gift card through their referral program.

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2. ServiceM8:

When it comes to coordinating your and your employees’ schedules, ServiceM8 (pronounced Service Mate) is here to help. For starters, there is the main calendar page, where every employee listed has hourly time slots to schedule jobs. That major advantage doesn’t even come close to covering all this application can do. Save clients’ contact information, set task reminders for individuals, create email templates, access finance reports, and collect payments all through this single app. Workers can even sign in to jobs from their phones, so you can verify what they are working on and where they are located. 

Small Business Organization Tools

3. Salesforce CRM:

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. Both for businesses and nonprofits, CRMs assist you in following up with clients. First, enter all potential clients’ contact information, plus open job bids. From there, you can analyze the data of your interactions, identify different levels of sales opportunities, build an online marketing campaign, and easily stay in contact with all current prospects. Personally, we recommend Salesforce because you can start a trial with an array of free capabilities. 

Small Business Organization Tools

4. Google My Business:

If you don’t already have a Google Business Profile, set one up ASAP! I’m always surprised at the number of businesses in today’s marketplace that hasn’t done this. I know there are a lot of old-school businesses out there, still doing things the old-school way. However, we are here to help bring you up to today’s standards. It’s super simple. All you have to do is enter your organization’s information, or claim a profile if one’s already been started. The best part is, doing so is totally free. Today’s customers are finding people online, mostly through the all-encompassing hub that is Google. Google will send a letter to the address provided, in order to verify you as a legitimate company. Next, allow potential customers to understand your company by uploading photos, services provided, products, business hours, and important links. Watch the magic begin as customers start rolling in as you climb the latter of relevant searches. Lastly, you can begin analyzing all the traffic coming in through Google, including key search terms, reviews, and advertisements. It’s quite rewarding to see the fruits of your labor.

Small Business Organization Tools

5. Divi / WordPress:

Every good business should have an even better website. This allows customers to find you, learn about you, and contact you. WordPress is very easy for beginners to use for launching a website. Thankfully, it requires little technical knowledge. You can build a great website from scratch or with pre-made templates, affordably. Keep it simple so that users can navigate the site without getting lost. Stay informative so that people searching online can find something to gain. For a little extra pep in your step, the Divi plugin will allow for total customization. With this theme builder, you can really delve into creating a company “image” with coordinated colors and a recognizable appearance. Plus, they offer a free trial period. 

Small Business Organization Tools


BarrierEnergy is a small business, which services most of the mid-southern California coastline. We work in the construction/inspection industry, so we have many close relationships with other businesses. We’ve personally used these tips to grow our audience and we think they can help you too. Hopefully, we have provided some useful information about small business organization tools in this article, as that is our goal. If you enjoyed this post, check out Free Online Collaboration Tools for Professionals 2021. You can also subscribe to our blog, or add us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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