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BarrierEnergy is a family owned business, based out of Santa Barbara, California. We’ve been in the HERS Raters industry for over a decade! A HERS Rater uses the Home Energy Rating System to test, report, and enforce California state energy requirements for new and altered construction.

Our team has a passion to serve the community through supporting energy efficiency. We truly believe in the services we provide, as means to care for our planet and future generations.

You will see our passion in the quality of our work. Builders need proactive experts to streamline the Title 24 process. We will help guide you through your construction project so you can stay on schedule and under budget.







Meet the Founder & President:

Michael Barriere (HERS Rater and Consultant)

“Don’t Forget To Hire A Vet!”

Like many others, during the market crash of 2008/2009, my work situation drastically changed. I found myself looking for a new direction. This is where the story of BarrierEnergy begins.

As a veteran, I had access to funding for business training. Having always been drawn to the field of Green Energy, I pursued that avenue. My history at University of California, Berkley had already prepared me with a degree in Economics. As I looked closer, I discovered that there was no way to ignore the value proposition of energy efficiency.

At the time, I witnessed a rising national interest in a “Green Collar Economy”. I saw an opportunity that led me to getting certified as a HERS Rater. At first, I was subcontracted by PG&E to perform energy audits, inspections, and the like. By the end of 2009, with business training and financial backing from WEV (Women’s Economic Ventures) I started my own company as a HERS Rater, BarrierEnergy!

Chris Barriere

Chris Barriere

HERS Rater

Chris has been with the company for seven years. He’s a licensed HERS Rater, and a dedicated field manager. His daily responsibilities include HERS testing, data processing, and client Q&A.

Interestingly, Chris was once in a house fire caused by a poorly installed water heater. Thusly, he is passionate about making sure building systems are properly installed, which keeps people safe.

Jordan Brewer

Jordan Brewer

HERS Rater

If you’ve worked with us, you probably recognize this face! Jordan has been with BarrierEnergy for over a year now. He is a dedicated field technician who recently earned his HERS Rater certification. Congratulations!

You can find Jordan either in the field, or at the office. He’s passionate about caring for our clients and responding to their need quickly.

Jeff Boscutti

Jeff Boscutti

HERS Specialist

Jeff has been with BarrierEnergy for many years in the fields as a HERS Rater and HVAC specialist. After moving out of state to continue his education, he continues to work part-time, remotely.

Now, he helps complete reports, audit files, specify equipment, and perform quality control. We appreciate his loyalty!

Hal Preston

Hal Preston

HERS Assistant

Meet Hal, who recently joined our team as a field assisstant and technical administrator. His background experience in IT has helped us become more organizaed and efficient than ever before. More than that, he’s skilled at handling and reading our equipment. You can excpect thorough work from Hal. He always has a positivie, professional attitude. 

Jack Voorheis

Jack Voorheis

IT Consultant

Jack built a relationship with BarrierEnergy when he met Michael, while living in Santa Barbara. Now working from out of state, he continues to offer his techinical experience. Jack owns WP Managed Secure, a successful IT company.

His company hosts our webite and keeps it secure. He also consults BarrierEnergy on all technlogical aspects, including third-party plugins, search engine optimization, and web-design. We would highly recommend his business to others.

Emily Barriere

Emily Barriere

General Manager

Emily has years of sales experience in both real estate and selling green energy. That gives her background knowledge about energy efficiency. Using her tech-savvy business mind, she focuses on public outreach.

Emily handles marketing, I.T., and website content. Additionally, she does secretarial work and helps manage our technician’s schedules. Teamwork is her number one value.

Paula Domalewski

Paula Domalewski

Accounts Receivable, Human Resoures, Quality Assurance

Paula is passionate about detail and Quality Assurance is her specialty. She is our Human Resources and Accounts Receivable Manager. Previously, she worked in the solar industry, and fully supports energy efficiency.

She’s been with us for two years, and is a perfect fit for our energy compliance team!

Amanda Witler

Amanda Witler

Administrative Assitant

Mandy has a degree in cultural anthropolgy, which gave her a background understanding of the relationship between community and environment. She’s intersted in how energy efficiency changes the ways we live and ensures the best quality life.

Her speciality is organization and administration. She answers phones, coordinates schedules, and catalogues paperwork. When you call, expect a happy voice on the other end! Her main focus is quality of service.

HERS Raters Certifications

Areas Our HERS Raters Have Serviced

HERS Raters santa Barbara
  • Arroyo Grande

  • Agoura Hills

  • Avila Beach

  • Buellton

  • Burbank

  • Camarillo

  • Carpinteria

  • Culver City

  • Gaudalupe

  • Goleta

  • Grover Beach

  • Lompoc

  • Los Angeles

  • Los Osos

  • Monecito

  • Malibu

  • Morro Bay

  • Nipomo

  • Oceano

  • Orcutt

  • Oxnard

  • Pismo Beach

  • Santa Maria

  • San Luis Obispo

  • Santa Barbara

  • San Diego

  • Simi Valley

  • Solvang

  • Summerland

  • Thousand Oaks

  • Ventura

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