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Looking for Santa Barbara employment opportunities? California has committed to the largest “green goal” in American history! Reaching net-zero energy by 2050 requires many industries to change their operation. At BarrierEnergy, our focus is on Building Codes, known as the Title 24 sector. These codes regulate energy efficiency standards of Residential and Commercial buildings. A HERS Rater enforces these regulations by providing accurate Home Energy Ratings, or efficiency assessments. Gain priceless training from us and be on your way to becoming a fully certified HERS Rater!

Job Description

A HERS Rater uses the Home Energy Rating System Index to calculate a building’s energy consumption. Start as an assistant and go to job sites to help verify various efficiency measures of commercial and residential buildings. 


  • Visit construction sites of new and altered properties, while wearing the proper protective attire
  • Enforce Energy Codes by performing building inspections
  • Enter calculations into Title 24 reports, to be submitted to authorities through online databases
  • Answer questions for clients in a timely manner


  • HERS certification: To earn a HERS certification, one must study and pass rigorous examinations. The HERS course teaches how to measure energy efficiency in mathematical detail, using formulas.
  • HVACR technician: HVACR stands for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. These are the systems that a HERS Rater is familiar with.
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Santa Barbara HERS Raters services

Perks of the Job

Competitive Salary

Salary will be based upon your skillset and qualifications. As a fully certified technician, you can earn a living wage, not minimum wage. On top of a base salary, certain business expenses will be covered by the company. This includes money for gas, certification, and other work necessities. You will be eligible for raises as your experience increases.

Priceless Training

Don’t have your HERS certification yet? The best way to learn is hands-on! Assist one of our field technicians, who will offer real training on your path to certification.

If you already have your certification, it’s time to join a knowledgeable team and become a pro. BarrierEnergy has ten years of professional experience.


This business often involves travel, as our technicians must visit construction sites in real-time. These are often beautiful homes and businesses. Work vehicles may be provided as a privilege to our trusted field technicians. Our work vans come fully equipped with everything you need for the job. You can work on the go, so turn on your tunes and enjoy the ride.

Help the World

Are you passionate about the environment? We care about the impact energy efficiency has on people and the planet. We help save money, resources, and creature comfort. Working towards a greater purpose creates a sense of fulfillment. At BarrierEnergy, make money with integrity and a sense of pride.

Green-Collar Employment

Did you know the green-collar sector is one of the fastest growing job markets in California? That’s largely due to the California Energy Commission, the governing body for environmental regulations. More demand means more power in your hands. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get ahead in this rapidly developing field!



We service a wide variety of locations and areas. Working in the field is eventful, not monotonous. You will be working hands on, instead of being stuck in a cubicle for eight hours a day. This practical knowledge can be applied to other areas of life. Enjoy the change of scenery, from San Luis Obispo County to Ventura County.


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