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Every Problem Brings Opportunity

Amidst the devastation of Corona Virus in all areas of our lives, it can be difficult to see any positives. Depression and mental anguish is on the rise, but as an optimist, I must try to find some. Many are starting to question the systems that are currently in place. It seems more difficult to rely on broken foundations. This is creating an urge for more self-reliance, and what I call a “Green Revolution”. So, I want to look at some recent changes, that may beneficial to the planet. Primarily, I can see major breakthroughs in the areas of agriculture, energy, and lifestyle.

Green Revolution

First, let’s take a look at some of the effects of covid on agriculture. Collectively, we seem to be leaning towards more efficient means of food production. Initially, the meat industry took a hard hit. Due to health concerns during the entire process, the production of meat has lessened. For you meat lovers, I know this might not seem like the best thing. But, this is an opportunity to look at our diets, and assess what’s necessary. Meat is by far the most wasteful and destructive means of food production. Forests are leveled to raise animals that are releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. Livestock also requires the most amount of water, energy, and food, to be produced. Maybe we don’t need to get rid of meat entirely, but it could be a good thing to find balance in our diets.

In general, people are losing their faith in the current food production system. We all realized when the grocery stores were being flooded, just how dependent we were. This has led many to start their own gardens or change their shopping habits. Covid is poking holes in the current “one-size-fits-all” paradigm. Having one massive system as the only means to rely on, is truly a bad idea. Also, transportation distance is not only harmful to the nutritional value of food but creates more pollution. Rarely, do we consider how much gas is wasted transporting food that can be grown in the backyard or within the community. Changing out processed foods for homegrown or localized options is the solution that is helping the environment. As we lean more towards natural diets, our gardens will be cleaning the air rather than polluting it!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Energy usage has also been greatly affected by the recent pandemic. With more at-home work and schooling than ever before, there is generally less travel. Thusly, we are using less gasoline and energy, which is required for travel. Nature must truly be breathing a sigh of relief. Plus, people are increasingly spending time in nature, as most activities are shut down. I remember seeing more parks full than ever before. Many are connecting with their bodies once again, and trading in those cars for bikes.

Overall, we have witnessed major changes in our lifestyles. Every aspect of our previous lives is being questioned. Instead of focusing only on what we have lost, let’s seize this day. We can create a more sustainable future by reconnecting with the environment. There has been a mass exodus in many cities, as people crammed together to realize how unsanitary and unnatural that is. When we go against nature, there are always consequences. It is good that we are finally recognizing the value of clean air and land. Next, we must learn how to care for that land by creating balance with it. Welcome to the green revolution.

At BarrierEnergy, we care about the environment. Stewardship for the planet is one of our main values. We do our part by testing and verifying energy efficiency regulations for buildings in California. To learn more about our company, visit our homepage.

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