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Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

Fathers have a profound impact on families and societies. Engaged fathers can improve the health, development, education, and accomplishments of their children. Inspiration for this Holiday came from a mining tragedy in 1908 that left hundreds fatherless and widowed. Remarkably, one of the widowed mothers rallied support for Washington State’s first Father’s Day. She believed both parents deserve to be equally honored. Continuously, the movement gained support until it became federally recognized in 1972.

Sadly, today America is facing a fatherless crisis. One in four children grows up with an absent father. As a result, we are witnessing increased problems in schools and crime rates. Consequences ripple out to all parts of life. Innately, we know the significance of dads. That’s why it’s so important to show support to your father, father figures, or any fathers you happen to know. 

Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day 2021

I’ve always been a firm believer that the way you make someone feel is more important than the gifts you give. So, celebrate Father’s Day 2021 by showing your appreciation for fathers. Make memories by hosting a cookout or bonding over shared interests. Take the load off him by checking off some of the items on his to-do list. Most importantly, don’t forget to say thanks for being there. Reflect on all the ways that this masculine role model has impacted your life. By honoring the dads in our lives, we are also encouraging them.

Our Story as a Family Business

BarrierEnergy has humble roots as a family business. Michael Barriere started the company just over a decade ago, with his bare hands. First, his son Chris joined his side. The business gave the two of them something productive to bond over. Together, they built a good reputation by offering quality services. More recently, both me (Emily Barriere) and my sister Sonya got involved as well. Each of us contributes a unique piece of our skillset to come together as a team. Today, BarrierEnergy is thriving more than ever. Our story is a heartwarming example of how fathers can create a legacy for an entire family. As part of the next generation, we are grateful for the sense of responsibility we now have. We invite you to learn more About Us. Did you enjoy this article? Continue reading our article about Celebrating Mother’s Day.

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