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Grateful for Our Mothers

One special day a year, the second Sunday of May is dedicated to giving appreciation to our mothers. It’s safe to say, Moms deserve some extra acknowledgment on Mother’s Day 2021. Post-Coronavirus, Mothers have stayed strong and supportive of their families. Many parents have had to step up and change their entire routines. With new schooling and care center rules, Mothers must keep up while putting their kids front and center. Not to mention, the new fears one must face in all areas of life. Things seem to be up in the air, both financially, physically, and mentally. 

Mothers play the role of parent, spouse, sibling, and child, sometimes all at once. Let’s not forget how much they do! No matter her role, show your gratitude full force this year. It doesn’t matter if you want to go out to some fancy dinner. What she cares about is knowing you care. If your family is opting to stay home on Mother’s Day 2021, you can turn around and surprise her with a home-cooked meal. Take the load off her, by taking care of the chores and errands that she usually does. The best way to give thanks is through your actions. Of course, a gift on May 9th wouldn’t hurt too, so long as it’s from the heart. 

Don’t Forget Mother Earth on Mother’s Day 2021

Just as a mother creates life, Mother Earth brings life to all. Life comes from life; therefore, we know this planet is alive. Literally, the earth is like one giant egg with comets of growth landing upon it. For the same reasons we celebrate our earthly mothers, we must also celebrate our Mother Earth. She sustains us unconditionally and freely. How do we show thanks to our Grand-Mother? It is simple, we give her the same care she provides. We keep the planet healthy by taking environmentalism seriously. When we are given food grown from the earth, we don’t turn around and throw our trash on the ground. We can strive to be efficient in all areas of life. Ultimately, if we don’t show thanks, our gift may run out.

Mother Earth only has so many resources. Her natural cycles and ability to replenish herself are seriously hindered by the ignorant actions of mankind. No other species on the face of the planet has the ability to fall out of balance with its environment. Only mankind has the ability to either act as parasites or create wonderfully controlled environments. We must use our powers for good, with an attitude of sharing. This experience on earth should be as pleasant as we can make it, for all, including future generations. So, don’t forget our Mother Earth on Mother’s Day 2021. Go out of your way to plant something, take a day off eating meat, or simply spend the day in nature. Come up with ideas the whole family can enjoy together. After all, that’s what mothers love most.

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