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Meet the Original Minimalists:


Minimalistic artwork

The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, are journalists/influencers, who invented the term minimalism as we know it today. Minimalism is not to be confused with art terminology, which became popular in the 1960s. Alas, the core concept remains the same. Less is often more. These two went against the grain of modern society when they saw how modern lifestyles affected them. Then, they challenged our beliefs that ‘more’ makes us happy. Today, this movement has changed millions of lives.    

Yes, we need things up to a certain point. However, having too much, or placing an emphasis on ‘things’ can be burdensome. Our obsessive need for consumption is a bottomless addiction. Indeed, that is where the term “pursuit of happiness” must’ve come from. Constant dissatisfaction is sold to us in pretty, little packages. Consistently, we are told there is always something newer and better. That bigger is better. Yet, that dangling carrot keeps us on a hamster wheel of stress. At the same time, we are juggling all our things. Often, we can end up feeling a bit like a circus performer.

Lessons To Learn From Minimalism:

I’m not saying we need to take minimalism to an extreme. We don’t need to pick seven, colored t-shirts to wear for the rest of our lives or move into a shack. Nonetheless, we can choose to consume what has sustenance for us instead of junk. Then, we may begin to feel nourished. We can apply these concepts to find a healthy balance between striving for more and enjoying what we have. Otherwise, what we consume may consume us.


Minimalism creates balance

Moreover, our external environment reflects our internal state of mind. As we chase after appearances, we neglect our inner health. Next, it’s our interpersonal lives and our planet that take a toll. Literally, our overconsumption is destroying the environment. Our things pile up around us like mountains that divide us. First, let’s start with the small things. Rather than throwing away all your clothes next season, only replace what is necessary. Or, pick out designer brands from goodwill rather than brand new. Only we can free ourselves. Minimalism is the solution to modern-day stress.

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