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Switching to Alternative Energy:

Have you ever considered going solar or purchasing another form of alternative energy? Solar panels, especially, are increasingly popular and accessible energy sources. The benefits, including reduced energy bills, simple loans, and the production of income, are well-known. Nonetheless, many overlook the first step! To maximize your investment, always start with simple energy efficiency upgrades. By doing so, you are minimizing your energy usage. Then, when you do purchase your alternative energy upgrade, it will pay for itself in no time.

Energy Efficiency Is the First Step to Going Alternative:

When making an investment, you should always start with the basics. Before you get that wind turbine or those solar panels installed, start with an assessment of your current usage. How outdated are the appliances and systems within the home? This will uncover problem areas, which are better resolved beforehand. For example, LED bulbs use seventy-five percent less energy, on average. They last much longer and shouldn’t break the bank to replace. Or, maybe you have drafty windows and don’t wish to replace them. Try insulating window shades instead! Weatherstrips are another affordable alternative. Use them on all exterior windows and doors. They can even be repurposed for gaps in the attic floor, chimneys, and recessed light fixtures. As my last DIY tip, fill any remaining gaps with caulk. Re-caulk windows and doors on a regular basis.

Next, you will want to gauge your usage habits. Track the electricity you use in minor appliances, for a week. Meaning, keep track of when and how long household members turn on fixtures such as lights, blenders, TVs, computers, laundry appliances, and so on. This is not to bash anybody. However, you may notice easy fixes. Practices such as turning off the lights and electronics when you are done using them make a difference. Sometimes, you may not be aware you are doing this! If you notice another resident being a little careless, politely point it out. Furthermore, try using more natural lighting. In shared spaces, swap out those old thick curtains with light, transparent ones. 

Get An Energy Efficiency Assessment:

An energy efficiency inspection is an easy way to let professionals handle the assessment of your current usage. Licensed technicians will go through every aspect of your home to record efficiency. With that data, they will offer a full list of recommended upgrades. This is the best way to get the most out of your new alternative energy investment. Thankfully, at BarrierEnergy we have a team of licensed HERS (Home Energy System Rating) inspectors who can perform this diagnostic evaluation for you. If you’re looking to go solar, you know where to go first! Get a free quote today. 

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