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A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

We all know Valentine’s Day is the time of year to celebrate love. Why February 14th? Well, you may not know the origins of this Holiday come from Saint Valentine. He was awarded sainthood for continuing to marry couples, as a Roman priest, while it had been directly outlawed. At the time, the emperor was trying to build a great army and did not want men to be ‘distracted’ by their hearts, or those ‘pesky emotions. Having empathy does make it difficult to harm others. In return, Valentine was sent to execution by the emperor on February 14th, 269 AD. Surely, this was a deserving feat for Valentine to earn the title. What a brave story! He had the courage to die in the name of protecting love. His story left a mark on history’s heart.

Love the Earth this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a reminder for couples to honor their union. This year let’s share that love with planet earth. After all, the earth is our home. Our solid foundation gives us life and allows us to connect. The planet is hurting, as countless species go extinct and pollution worsens. As another way to love one another, let’s ensure decades of more love and humanity. We can do this by extending our love to the planet this Valentine’s Day. 

Don’t have a Valentine? You don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner. Don’t feel bad about it, either. Instead, make the earth your Valentine this year! One of our most sacred relationships can be with Mother Earth. So, get into nature or love yourself at home with a hot bath full of fresh herbs. Show your appreciation for the unconditional love Mother Earth shows us. In the next section, I will focus on how to accomplish this.


The best way to love our earthly home is to practice sustainability. Sustainable practice is a model that works throughout time, without causing harm or degradation in any way. To give a simple example, an entire city drinking from one tiny lake is not sustainable. They would run out quite quickly, as that water source cannot sustain that amount of people over time. However, if this city was to create a salinization plant and provide multiple lakes, the water could replenish itself over time. See, we are not aware that many of our habits and practices are not sustainable. They cause degradation to nature over time. We cannot forget that the earth is alive too, with its’ own need for homeostasis. The earth relies on cycles to replenish itself. Keep this in mind with every action you take. Read on for some additional tips, to help you do so.

When in Doubt, Go the Natural Route

As a general rule of thumb, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Firstly, reduce the amount of waste you create by purchasing natural alternatives. Usually, the most toxic substances are cheap and built for convenience. Use less oil by taking your bike on small ventures, avoid single-use plastics, use less energy at home, and simply use less! There’s an old proverb (25:16) that translates as “only take what you need.”

Secondly, reuse anything you can and purchase reusable products. For example, buying a water mug and reusable shopping bags. We live in a throwaway society simply for convenience. It’s so easy when we can avoid the consequences of pollution. However, You do not have to take part in this mindset. Lastly, purchase recyclable products when possible. I would even take this statement a step further. Buy and use products that the earth can recycle, “biodegradables”! We all know a majority of “recyclables” get thrown in the trash anyways. Did you know plastic can take up to five hundred years to break down? Glass and clay are the safest materials that the earth can naturally break down and recycle. 

At BarrierEnergy we care about the environment. We work as building inspectors to ensure the energy efficiency of new and altered construction. Let’s all do our part, whatever that may be. Encourage others to love the earth this Valentine’s Day by sharing this article. You can also visit our homepage for more information about the services we provide.

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