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Taking Steps to Get Off the Grid!

California is taking the lead to become the first state to secure its own energy needs by investing in alternative energy and efficiency. Through intensive Zero Net Energy goals, they are taking steps to effectively get off reliance on the macro-grid. Nonetheless, many people are on both sides of the heated debate as California gets hit hard by recurring blackouts. Evidently, let’s look at some breaking news that supports a growing need for decentralization. As I always say, actions speak louder than words.

Tragedy Strikes Southern Coast of California:

Some spooky stuff is happening this October! Beyond devastating, an alleged leaking pipeline has dumped over 100,000 gallons of oil into the Pacific. Words cannot describe the impact this event has had on wildlife. Only time will tell the immense consequences the environment may face for these erroneous “mistakes”. According to CNN, the Coast Guard deployed floating barriers and began cleanup efforts off the coast of Orange County, California. Sadly, all they can do is minor damage control, at this point. 

My question to you is, who is held responsible for these violations against nature? Is it really an “accident” when these oil companies have built pipelines in areas where many people are in protest? No one has forgotten about the brutality shown to opposers at Standing Rock. Certainly, it is not the oil companies suffering, who receive a slap on the wrist. Dare I say, We the People are ultimately responsible for the ramifications? Yes, some are fighting back. Conflictingly, a majority are blindly supporting this system while paying oil companies to mutilate the environment we depend on. Profiting enterprises polluting inhabited land is also an imposition on human rights. 

California Strikes Back:

I truly applaud California for recognizing this cannot continue. Since the Oil Spill of 1969 catastrophe, the California Energy Commission has made increasing efforts to dismantle the current energy paradigm. They’ve accomplished this by exploring renewable methods of energy production and storage that adhere to the individual. Getting off the macro-grid also means using less through implementing efficiency codes. Whether you agree or not with the decisions this State is making, why not allow them to see where this venture goes? The whole point of America is freedom of choice, as well as checks and balances. Each state can decide for itself what is right, and in this case, it is personal. In fact, many States are joining the bandwagon. Support for clean energy is rising, especially in areas battling natural disasters or other crises. Society is ready to pursue safer and cleaner forms of energy. 

Cargo Ships Stranded at Sea in California:

In other news, BBC has reported a record-breaking number of cargo ships unable to port in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. Lines to the docks have become so long that ships are even resorting to turning back! The delay in imported goods may wreak havoc on certain supply chains. Business Insider states “California ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach account for about one-third of US imports.” One central reason is due to a sudden wave of purchases in our economy since reopening from covid. Exports are simultaneously experiencing delays in Asian countries.

Another reason is that larger cargo means taking longer to unload at the port. The whole process has become burdened by larger ships and more demanding storage needs. Pair all that with the Holidays and the result is a perfect storm. Be prepared for possible shipping delays and higher shipping costs. The moral of the story is, it’s time to go back to homemade local businesses. Specifically, in the construction industry, BarrierEnergy has witnessed a shortage of certain materials that can only be acquired overseas. Covid has negatively affected many projects in California.

Decentralization is the Only Permanent Solution:

Decentralization is the concept of independently maintaining one’s own needs, thus breaking down centralized power. Rather than giving mega-corporations the power to decide whether our needs are met, we can empower communities to minister directly to themselves. The laws and regulations put in place today are to strengthen local energy security. It might always be fun or easy, but rules are here to protect us in the long run. California is making progress towards a future where it can provide for its own energy needs with zero waste. BarrierEnergy commends these efforts and supports efficiency in every form, wholeheartedly. Let’s heed these warning signs that it’s time to get off the grid. 

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