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Support for Veterans:

BarrierEnergy is a veteran-owned business that enforces Energy Code compliance. Michael Barriere launched this energy-efficiency inspecting and consulting company in Santa Barbara, California. So, both veteran’s benefits and environmental awareness are topics near and dear to our hearts. In recognition of Veterans Day, we would like to provide some helpful information for veterans looking to purchase homes. Specifically, we will provide resources and details about the Energy Efficient VA Loan.

Benefits of VA Home Loans:

Servicemembers should be aware that they are eligible for home loan advantages. These benefits apply to vets who’ve spent at least 90 days on Active Duty, 181 days during peacetime, 6 years in the National Guard/Reserves, or those who’ve been honorably discharged. Primarily, the positives are zero down payments, low-interest rates, lenient credit requirements, cash-out equity, and easy refinancing. VA Pamphlet 26-7 is the “Lenders Handbook” for veterans.

VA Energy Efficient Mortgage:

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs EEM can provide even more buying power by increasing the loan amount to cover renovations for efficiency, up to $6,000. For example, some of the covered upgrades include solar, insulation, and weatherization. Check out a complete breakdown of the perks of a Military VA Loan. Additionally, Chapter 7, page 16, of the VA Pamphlet 26-7 verifies these guidelines. Efficiency improvements can help those who’ve served our country to save money and have energy security.

Energy, Environment, & Fleet Program Service:

EEF is a program run by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Energy & Water Management. This plan has allocated millions of dollars to assist VA facilities in becoming sustainable. The goal has been to upgrade veterans’ hospitals, living quarters, and other structures to save water and energy costs. Accordingly, it saves millions of dollars in taxpayer money annually, while military members and veterans benefit from improved infrastructure. 

Solar Ready Vets:

Solar Ready Vets is an independent program that’s helped thousands of veterans transition to work in the solar industry. After service, many servicemembers need help with employment skills and civilian life. Respectively, this program offers special training, internships, and apprenticeships for installment, production, manufacturing, sales, or management of solar. We salute these valiant efforts as a win-win.

Discounted Electricity Rates:

Veterans should check with their energy providers to see if they are offering reduced electric costs. Many utilities offer special deductions upon receiving verification of discharge paperwork. Rightly so, as duty members have earned these allowances.

Hopefully, this article can prove useful to veterans who are considering energy efficiency, or who may be unaware of the privileges available to them. We urge all veterans to thoroughly research what additional discounts may be available for purchasing efficient upgrades through certain providers. Thank you for your service. To learn more about other types of loans for energy efficiency improvements, click here.

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