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Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorations:

Do you enjoy the Holiday season and the beautiful decorations that come with it? There’s something about bright, colorful lights that makes the winter seem a little less cold. Yet, the downside is that the extra electricity and adornments can be quite wasteful. In an increasingly eco-aware world, we are here to provide you with efficient and low-waste Holiday options. Now, you can go all out without guilt!

Rethinking Festivity:

1) Solar Powered Lights

When it comes to outdoor lighting, solar-powered string lights are an energy-efficient option. Evidently, they operate using miniature solar panels which can be stuck into the ground. Now, you can power a majority of outdoor lights without increasing your energy bill.

2) LED String Lights

For indoor decorating, make sure to upgrade to LED string lights. LEDs are generally today’s standard, as they use about 75% less energy than incandescent lights. Plus, you can reuse them year after year because they typically last twenty times longer. I, for one, got tired of throwing away my old string lights every year. Also, don’t forget to unplug your electric decor during the daytime.

3) LED Color-Changing Light Bulbs

Even efficient string lights waste huge amounts of plastic. Instead, opt-in for LED color-changing light bulbs. Try them on your porch or throughout your home to create a whole new mood. Say goodbye to dealing with a tangled mess of string lights and hours of installation time.

4) Avoid Plastic

Nowadays, people tend to choose plastic trees and decorations because they’re easier to set up, maintain, and clean up after. On the other hand, plastic takes centuries to decompose. Thusly, plastic has become one of the most environmentally devastating products ever invented. Try purchasing potted Christmas trees or other houseplants alternatively. This should help prevent them from breaking down and making a mess. Stick to organically made wreaths and garlands made from Eucalyptus, Holly, Ivy, or mistletoe. You can also find plastic-free tinsel made from paper or fabric.

5) Ornaments

Rather than purchasing inorganic ornaments, pick glass-blown accessories. Other options include paper, wooden, and cotton ornaments. Get creative for free with bows, candy canes, DIY flowers, or “gingerbread” cardboard cutouts!

6) Candles

Before there were electric lights, people used to decorate their trees with candles. Sounds dangerous to me, please don’t try that at home! However, candles are still a great energy-free solution to accessorizing your space. They look wonderful on windowsills and outdoor lamps.

7) Energy Free Decorations

There are tons of unique ideas we have when it comes to energy-free decorating. Enhance the ambiance of your space with ribbons, pine cones, gingerbread houses, dried flowers, and cinnamon sticks (yum!).

8) Recyclable Wrapping Paper

Everybody loves the excitement of unwrapping our surprise gifts. Then, comes the large cleanup afterward. Recyclable wrapping paper is available at most retail stores, and it may only cost a couple of bucks more. Find products that are made from recycled materials and that are 100% ready to go in your recycling bin once you are finished. 

Happy Holidays from BarrierEnergy:

We sincerely hope you have fun with Holiday decorating this year. BarrierEnergy is passionate about the environment and our communities. Refer back to this post when you’re ready to pick out your eco-friendly holiday decorations. You can continue reading about how to keep your house warm and save money this winter.

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