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Green Energy Sector

After decades of progress in alternative energy technology, we are witnessing the green energy sector take off. Finally, energy production is shifting. We’re seeing the seeds of early investments on renewables bearing some serious fruit. In this Bloomberg article, we’re seeing some big-name renewable energy companies becoming real contenders. In some cases these companies are out-competing Big Oil. Numbers do the talking. These kinds of numbers are promising a much cleaner, greener future.

Did you know the green-collar sector is one of the fastest growing job markets in California? That’s largely due to the California Energy Commission, the governing body for environmental regulations. Every code they create specifies new equipment and new compliance measures. Thusly, new job opportunities are always underway. Furthermore, these specialized jobs can offer people real living wages. Special certification and training equals a sustainable pay. As follows, the entire economy benefits.

A Green Revolution

Presently, the four leading Wind-Solar energy companies in the world (one is Danish!) have each surpassed their carbon based counterparts! Clearly, we no longer need to rely on an outdated and destructive energy system. In the next 10 years, California continues to move toward Zero Net Energy and Zero Net Waste. The production of electricity by sustainable means can and will have a huge impact on our world. Hopefully, many more states will continue to follow this example.
This is so wonderful for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, Big Oil is largely responsible for heftily contributing to pollution and climate change. Moreover, fossil fuels lead to the degradation of untouched landscapes in the quest for more oil deposits. With this new research proving the efficacy of renewables, Big Oil can no longer hide behind the excuse of “infeasibility.” It seems, they have long sought to deter the masses from trusting in renewables for their own gain. While Big Oil is complaining their jobs are being lost, a whole new market is taking off. That means new opportunities! We will look to the future and will not adhere to their fear-based tactics.

Sustainable Giants

The task at hand is to continue creating infrastructure to support the demand for clean production practices alongside storage technology. We think this a clear shift toward smaller scale, local grids. Sustainability will become a widespread reality. Air, water, soil, wildlife, trees, plants – the natural environment as a whole, will enjoy a renaissance! Think of how the planet could heal and clean itself once we allow it. In our society we are taught bigger is always better. Contrarily, many times smaller is better and more practical.
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