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Celebrating A New Charity:

The Founder of BarrierEnergy, Michael Barriere, is proud to introduce his newly approved Nonprofit Organization! Beyond Energy Efficiency takes Michael’s passion for energy efficiency one step further, by supporting self-sustainability in all forms. We are proud to announce, BarrierEnergy is now the parent-subsidiary of Beyond Energy Efficiency. This new organization is officially, legally recognized as a Charity on a federal level. Wow! Be sure to leave Michael a congratulatory comment.

Beyond Energy Efficiency’s Campaigns:

The goal of Beyond Energy Efficiency is to give back to communities, through charity. BEE shall offer free education and products to help communities become self-sufficient. Meaning, they are independently able to provide for their own needs.  By decentralizing methods of production for necessary resources, communities will be to take their power back. Right now, BEE is focusing on two main campaigns: food security and social sustainability.

Firstly, through the Farm-in-a-Box project, BEE is developing a prototype of a portable farm. These portable farms will be sent in shipping containers, directly to communities in need. Food security is more crucial now than ever. The world is facing hardship and food shortages. Worsening natural disasters and shutdowns have contributed to these preventable shortages. Other benefits of food decentralization are decreased farming costs, easier distribution, and increased nutritional value. Plus, local food production can even create income for these communities. By contributing to this campaign, you are aiding the development and distribution of this revolutionary product.

Secondly, Beyond Energy Efficiency is teaming up with Born For More Family to provide social sustainability. Born For More Family is a company created by Sonya Barriere that offers healing massage. Sonya’s main focus is on helping families and pregnant women get the support they need. Massage offers not only physical benefits, but emotional and mental. When you donate your time or money to this project, you are helping local families to thrive. BEE sees a future where generations to come have their social needs met.

Goals for a Sustainable Future:

Of course, Beyond Energy Efficiency plans to extend it’s reach into energy sustainability and other areas. The ultimate goal is to help communities produce their own energy, food, and social resources. But, we will need your support to do so. Check out the new website and learn more. We appreciate your contributions in whatever way possible. There are many ways to donate and/or volunteer your time. 

Benefits of Getting Involved With Charity:

Donation doesn’t have to be monetary. Donating can mean volunteering your expertise, or coordinating an event. Outside of improving our communities, there are other ways you stand to benefit. Any time or money you offer will be receipted for tax purposes. You can also get required volunteer hours completed, if that applies to you. So please donate today. Or visit our alternative donations / volunteer pages.

Additionally, we are seeking new companies to collaborate with. If you have an idea that aligns with our values, reach out to us. Beyond Energy Efficiency would be happy to discuss a potential partnership or feature you on our page.

Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Michael Barriere

Michael has created Beyond Energy Efficiency to fulfill his vision of a sustainable world. He’s celebrating the approval of his new Nonprofit Organization, as this marks the beginning of a new paradigm. In this paradigm, people will have the power rather than centralized, mega-corporations. Leave a comment and say hello

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