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Covid Relief Grant Opportunity:

Are you part of a small business or nonprofit in California that has been impacted by Covid related mandates? If so, the California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program could offer assistance. This Program is funded by the State of California and administered by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development.

When closures and delays are out of your control, it’s good to know there is something you can do. BarrierEnergy is dedicated to educating our local communities to help in any way we can. The great thing about this grant program is that they are continuously running new rounds. Currently, the dates for applying in round six have not been determined. Fortunately, there is no end in sight yet. If you are not selected, they typically roll over your application into the next round. Keep in mind if you own multiple businesses or organizations, you can only apply once.

Eligibility for Businesses:

Firstly, your business must meet the Small Business Administration’s definition of a small business. You may qualify as a sole proprietor, independent contractor, 1099 employee, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, cooperative, LLC, or LP. The number of employees must not exceed the requirements, which vary by industry. Calculate your eligibility on the Small Business Administration’s website. 

As related to profits, your small business may not exceed two and a half million in gross revenue from the year 2019. The business must exceed at least one thousand dollars in gross revenue for the year. 

Eligibility for Nonprofit Organizations:

For nonprofit institutions, the requirements are a bit different. CalOSBA is seeking “cultural institutions” including, but not limited to art dealers, theaters, zoos, and other public works. There are no caps on revenue.


Organizations will be approved on a case-by-case basis, according to those they deem the highest priority. Funds may be used for most employee-related expenses, overhead costs, and/or Covid compliance costs. Grants will be given as follows: $1,000-$100,000 gross revenue = $5,000 reward; $100,000-$1,000,000 = $15,000; $1,000,000-$2,500,000 = $25,000.

Apply for Small Business Grant Today:

Of course, you will also be asked to provide proof of operation through documentation. Tax forms, ID, and other official filing state docs are required upon submission. Additionally, your business or nonprofit must have a physical location in California operating since June 1, 2019. There are many more additional criteria not mentioned. So, to go into the detail you will have to look at their full list of requirements. Once you have all of your documents prepared, you will be asked to select one of their partners to apply through. Try to choose a partner that you believe is the best fit. Whoever you choose does not change the requirements whatsoever. 

If you believe you may be eligible for the small business grant, follow this link to sign up. Keep an eye on their site for when upcoming application dates will be open. Don’t forget to prepare all your documents so that you’re ready to apply promptly! If you were formerly a participant in PPP, we invite you to read on.

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