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California’s Red Tide is on the Rise

California Red Tide is Increasing along Coastline: If you've ever seen the effects of red tide in person, then you know this growing phenomenon is no joke. After a red algae bloom (phytoplankton), ocean water becomes oxygen-deprived and toxic. Consequently, marine...

Air-Conditioning Verifications

Installer Verifications for Air-Conditioning: Whenever you change out a ducted AC system or add ducted cooling to a property in California, a HERS Rater must perform certain air-conditioning verifications. Typically, AC is the last item we would HERS-verify on larger...

Solving the Issue of Rodents in Ductwork

Rodents Can Destroy HVAC Efficiency: Did you know that your ductwork could be providing a warm home for rodents to nest in? Rats can wreak havoc in ductwork by chewing holes in sheet metal and duct insulation. Why do we care? As HERS Raters, part of our job involves...
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