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Taking a Stand Against Utility Company Negligence

Utility Company Negligence in Hawaii: Blazing new evidence seems to point to Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) as the cause of multiple fires that devastated Maui in August of 2023. Now, neglect to maintain the structural integrity of grid infrastructure, neglect to...

Projects that Pay you Back with the Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022: Are you interested in attaining energy independence and financial security? Then, look no further. In August of 2022, Congress approved the Inflation Reduction Act, which among other things, aims to provide financial assistance for...

Benefits of Getting a Building Permit

Do You Really Need to Pull a Building Permit?: Pulling a building permit secures your assets. Yet, many owners still opt not to pull permits when it comes to their construction projects. For those that are questioning what route they want to take, let's review the...
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