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Does the HERS Index Protect Owners?

What is the HERS Index?: HERS (Home Energy Rating System) scoring is a federally recognized method of measuring and reporting the energy efficiency of buildings. Over a million buildings across the U.S. are HERS rated. Yearly, those numbers grow exponentially. Of...

More Reasons to Get off the Grid: Oil Spills and Covid Thrills

Taking Steps to Get Off the Grid! California is taking the lead to become the first state to secure its own energy needs by investing in alternative energy and efficiency. Through intensive Zero Net Energy goals, they are taking steps to effectively get off reliance...

How to Keep Your House Warm and Save Money

Preparing for the Winter: Since September 22nd, Fall has officially arrived. Oh, how it has come so quickly. Many people love the temperate weather in the fall time. Still, with winter coming up, it's time to prepare for hibernation season! Unfortunately, that also...
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