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BarrierEnergy’s New Partnership:

BarrierEnergy has teamed up with a highly rated solar installer, Titan Solar Power, to bring you affordable installations! We tailor our proposals to fit your exact energy consumption needs. You will see in real-time, exactly where your panels will go and how much energy they are guaranteed to produce. Plus, we offer 1.49% financing, the lowest you will find anywhere. Titan’s top-of-the-line panels are all black and flush to blend in with your roof, stylishly.  Previously, we’ve worked in the construction industry for nearly 15 years as energy efficiency inspectors. Now, solar is a requirement in the 2022 building code cycle. We’ll help you stay ahead of these mandates because we know exactly what your requirements are. So, come to us for an economical solar installation in California, Maryland, Arizona, and more! 

Reduce, Then Produce:

When it comes to solar, our motto is “first reduce, then produce!” Firstly, we will provide you with efficiency upgrade recommendations. Why? Our primary goal is to minimize your energy consumption needs. See, by minimizing the number of panels you will need, we can maximize your savings. Then, you can produce no more than what you truly need. Typically, California’s homeowners are already the perfect candidates for solar. That’s due to the fact that Energy Efficient Building Codes have been working their magic to make all new construction and alterations as efficient as possible. This is where all the codes have been leading to. Truly, it’s an ingenious progression.

Another great benefit to choosing us for your solar panel installation is that you can include other upgrades into the solar loan. That’s right, you can include expenses such as windows, doors, roofs, and more! You are allowed to do this so long as the other items do not exceed 40% of the total loan amount. What are the benefits of this type of financing? As we mentioned before, these are some of the best loan terms available. Also, you can apply a 26% solar tax credit by adding these in as ‘efficiency upgrades.’ How would you like to get money back for those new windows you’re purchasing? Alas, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In the following section, we’ll go over the benefits of going solar.

What is the Real Cost of Solar Panel Installation?:


Right now, there are some great incentives you can take advantage of. For starters, the Federal Solar Tax Credit boasts a 26% rebate on your taxes! How often do you see a sale knocking off a quarter of the price? Not often enough. Through our solar lender, you can even use the tax credit to re-amortize your loan. In other words, if you put your rebate towards your loan, you can negotiate a lower monthly payment. 

The other opportunity available to California, Maryland, and Arizona residents is net metering. Most utilities offer this program to incentivize solar owners who overproduce energy. Here’s how it works. Say in some of your peak months, your panels produce way more energy than you use. Your utility company will actually pay you back via a credit on your bill that rolls over every month. Then, you can still see a $0 energy bill even in months you’re not producing as much. Any excess credits at the end of the net metering year will be compensated to you directly. Of course, there are limitations to how high your solar offset can go. We will check with your utility company about their specific policy. 

Investment Income:

Solar panels are a safe investment for people who want to grow their income. When you think about it, most homeowners are giving away their money to utility companies to rent them energy at a high rate. Doesn’t it make more sense to put that money towards an asset that could last a lifetime? This is the same reason most people would rather buy their own property rather than rent it. Plus, you can rest assured that your asset is secured by a 25-year warranty. It covers any malfunctions of the panels, such as lack of energy production due to manufacturers’ errors, and even roof leakage due to panel mounts.

You can pay for solar in one of two ways: through a lump sum or a loan agreement. With a lump-sum payment, solar panels pay for themselves within about five to fifteen years. Afterward, it’s all profit. The second option, using a loan, is the most common because it requires no money down. Usually, the monthly savings are equivalent to or even outweigh the loan payment. After your loan is done in 20 years, these panels could last you another 20 years. Either way, solar pays for itself and contributes to income. It’s a low-risk, high-reward investment. Even if a natural disaster strikes, there is home insurance to cover you. 

Avoid Rising Energy Costs:

Your other source of savings comes from locking in your energy rate for the lifetime of your panels. Every year, energy costs have been steadily rising along with the price of fossil fuels, increasing natural disasters, and inflation. National average utility rates have nearly doubled between the 2000s and 2020s! Opposingly, solar costs are actually trending downwards. As technology improves, the cost of solar decreases. Forget for a moment, that you’re already saving money on your utility bills. The savings you’ll experience by preventing your utility rates from rising is profound in itself. 

Adds Value to your Home:

Believe it or not, homes with solar installed have a higher value and appraise for more. Why? One reason is that people recognize the value of lower utility bills. The other reason is that efficient homes are more durable and of higher quality, which translates to instant equity. Our proposal calculates the average value added to your home based on trusted sources that consider statistics that are specific to your area.

Get Plugged in Today:

All around, we want you to be informed about what you’re getting into. This entire process is truly about educating homeowners on what’s available to them. That’s why we make sure to account for every detail in our proposals. Contact us today about your solar panel installation in California.

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