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Duct Leakage Testing 

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Title 24 Compliance

Title 24 of the California Energy Commission (CEC) outlines energy efficiency standards for new, altered, and existing buildings in the state of California. California requires a minimum mandatory energy score, as well as mandatory compliance measures. Optional upgrades and tests can translate into compliance points. For more information, visit the CEC website.



HERS Raters

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is used to test and enforce energy code standards set by the California Energy Commission. HERS Raters are private building inspectors who perform state compliance inspections and functional tests on residential and commercial buildings. Compliance testing has been legally required since 1974, and the codes are updated every couple of years. A HERS Rater is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Cooling, Refrigeration) technician. At BarrierEnergy, our certified HERS Raters are thoroughly trained on all new building codes and regulations.

Duct Leakage Test Definition

Whenever a new HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system is installed or changes are made to an existing one, technicians must test the internal pressure of the ductwork. According to California’s energy efficiency laws, we have a legal obligation to assure the duct system is tightly sealed. To perform this test, our technicians will first seal off all vents in the building. Then, they attach a blower door to the supply register, in order to read internal pressure. Next, they plug their data into complex equations to calculate the air leakage in cubic ft per minute. Lastly, this data goes into reports, which will be submitted to proper authorities. If the pressure reading is not within approved guidelines, it is caused by excess air escaping from the ducts. This test can only be performed and signed off by a licensed technician. As HERS Raters, this is our specialty!

Why it’s Important

Duct leakage testing will ensure structural integrity. Duct leakages cause energy and money to be wasted because the HVAC will have to overcompensate. The HVAC unit won’t be running efficiently, which mean less creature comfort and higher energy bills. Plus, when your HVAC is overexerted, long-term damage is likely. The system may even fail before its usual “lifetime,” which can be quite costly!

Additionally, particulate matter can exacerbate the issue. If moisture gets in there, mold can grow throughout the entire ductwork. Not only is replacing ductwork extremely expensive, but it’s a huge heath hazard. Our goal is to catch problems early on with duct leakage testing, to prevent deterioration.


If an HVAC system fails the duct leakage test, sometimes we can spot the issue visually.  Obvious problems areas can be spotted where the HVAC unit meets the ductwork. If we are unable to locate what’s causing the leak, the owner has the option to choose a duct leakage smoke diagnostic test. As the ductwork is sealed, a smoke bomb is set off in front of the supply register. This is a quick and affordable way to identify where the leak is coming from. Once we find the leak, we will advise you on how to proceed and fix the leak. Simple solutions include electrical tape or caulk. 

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