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Air Balance Testing 

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Title 20 Compliance

Title 20 of the California Energy Commission (CEC) outlines energy efficiency standards for new, altered, and existing buildings in the state of California. California requires a minimum mandatory energy score, as well as mandatory compliance measures. Optional upgrades and tests can translate into compliance points.



HERS Raters

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is used to test and enforce energy code standards set by the California Energy Commission. HERS Raters are private building inspectors who perform state compliance inspections and functional tests on residential and commercial buildings. Compliance testing has been legally required since 1974, and the codes are updated every couple of years. A HERS Rater is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Cooling, Refrigeration) technician. At BarrierEnergy, our certified HERS Raters are thoroughly trained on all new building codes and regulations.

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What Is Air Balance Testing

Technicians perform Air Balance Tests on newly installed HVAC systems and/or ductwork. Initially, they test and average airflow values at each vent opening. They measure and record airflow in cubic feet per minute. Then, the technician evaluates the airflow balance of the entire system by comparing their overall findings. However, they will recommend adjustments if they find the system is imbalanced. Essentially, the HVAC system should circulate air evenly throughout every part of the building.

Why it’s Important

Unbalanced systems cause many problems in a building. Foremost, inhabitants will notice hot or cold spots. Imbalance negatively effects temperatures in certain rooms and even entire levels. Also, lack of airflow can lead to excessive moisture. So, don’t allow this issue to get out of control. Comfort is a necessary feature. Therefore, air balance is important whether this is your home or place of business.

Furthermore, air balance saves money over time. The HVAC system overexerts itself if it’s unbalanced. Ergo, air balance minimizes energy usage. Opposingly, inefficient heating and cooling can waste thousands of dollars per year, on average.

Re-Balance Your Home or Business

Many factors can throw off the air balance of an HVAC system. For example, obstructions in the ductwork could cause air balance problems. In turn, maybe the system was calibrated incorrectly. Every piece of the system must be functioning correctly, including the fan blower, filters, and air handlers, etc. BarrierEnergy’s technicians are HERS (Home Energy Rating System) and NCI (National Comfort Institute) certified to perform Air Balance Testing. They will fill out the required MCH (mechanical) compliance forms. Likewise, they will offer advice and consultation every step of the way. Contact Us for a free quote today. We are based out of Santa Barbara, California and we service most of the Southern Coastline.



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