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Residential Services

We are your one-stop-shop for your information, education and training, as well as advice, referrals, and assessments/ratings for your property. Whether you want to improve the durability of your property, reduce energy costs, add value for re-sale, or improve your indoor air quality, safety and comfort, we will guide you through your process. And, in addition to energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits (“weatherization” as its called), we’ll also advise you on all forms of clean, sustainable, alternative energy production, and conservation measures.

New Construction
Let Barrier Energy help you keep your project on track.

Barrier Energy’s goal is to keep your new construction project on track. We can help you to decide what solutions will work best for your project and budget. Contact us to discuss your energy solution, assesment, and HERS rating needs.

New Construction

  • Development
  • Electric Setup/Lots
  • Evaluation
  • Sub-Coard.
  • HVAC
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing & Electric

Alterations and Remodels

We help you stay on budget and complaint with energy standards 

Thinking about building an addition, or remodeling the interior of your home? We can help you determine and meet the energy standards for your home. Barrier Energy is a trusted Residential HERS rating service provider. Contact us to discuss how we can help maximize your energy potential and over all future energy savings.


    • CF1R Support
    • CF2R
    • CF3R
    • Remodel
    • Change Outs

(888) 383-HERS (4377)


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