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Commercial Kitchen Hood Testing 

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commercial kitchen hood testing

What Is Commercial Kitchen Hood Testing?

Airflow and Air Balance testing is performed on all newly installed kitchen hoods. These hoods suck air in from the stovetop, and either blow it outside of the building or filter and circulate it. Likewise, commercial kitchen hood testing measures intake air and exhaust air. There must be sufficient airflow, which is measured in cubic feet per minute.

Moreover, we must provide a mechanical exhaust installer verification form based on these readings. The inspector will check this form for completion at final. It reports airflow readings, which should be within the codes’ specifications. Also it contains the noise level, which is measured in Sones. 1 Sone = 40 Decibels = 1,000 Hertz.

In some cases, and Air Balance Report will be requested by the inspector. Intake and exhaust values cannot contrast more than ten percent from each other. Therefore, airflow requirements must be taken into account when choosing your equipment, calibrating the equipment, and selecting filters. Designing a commercial kitchen correctly is a crucial step. 


Why it’s Important

Range hoods may be one of the most indispensable appliances in a commercial kitchen. Kitchen hoods main function are to keep the cooking area clean. It’s essential to have the food prep area free of excess grease, smoke, and other airborne bacteria. Additionally, they help maintain a pleasantly cool and dry kitchen area. They improve indoor air quality all around. So, new kitchen hoods must be tested for efficiency when the are installed. We will record our results, which then get passed along to proper building inspection authorities.



Health Departments set this industry standard as a quality check of performance. Health Codes benefit us all. We’ve serviced many restaurants and businesses in Southern California. Plus, BarrierEnergy has over ten years of experience. If we do happen to uncover any Air Balance issues, we will advise you on what changes are necessary. Contact Us and get the job done right! We are based out of Santa Barbara, California and serve most of the Southern Coastline.


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