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What are Title 24 Reports?

Title 24 Reports are all-encompassing documents that provide specifications for all energy-demanding features of new and altered constructions. From insulation to HVAC efficiency, Title 24 Consultants report energy calculations. As a result, builders and owners submit these reports to the Building Department along with the plans, as required by law for approval. Why? The California Energy Commission outlines Building Energy Efficiency Standards in ‘Title 24’ of their codes. Subsequently, specialists were born to provide consultation to architects, engineers, installers, and builders. 

As HERS Raters, the team members of BarrierEnergy are Energy Code specialists. HERS Raters perform compliance testing to enforce the plans. Hence, we are Title 24 Consultants by default. Depending on what stage of the project we come in on, we create these reports, also known as CF1Rs. However, sometimes we receive the CF1R file from someone else and we complete the rest. 

Can I Alter my Plans?

Unfortunately, multiple parties can create more opportunities for mistakes. Often, we find mistakes in the original Title 24 Report. Maybe it states there are three AC units when really there were only supposed to be only two. Consequently, this error causes delays as we must either send it back or perform corrections. Another possibility is that the owner or builder wanted to make changes to the plans after construction began. The whole permit approval was based on the original report. Nonetheless, yes, it is still possible to do so. Firstly, our HERS Raters will give consultation to make sure these new plans do not change the overall energy rating. 

Whether there was a shortage of materials or someone simply changed their minds, we must correct the CF1R. Like doctors, we will go in and operate on the sections that need alteration. It’s essential for the Title 24 document to accurately reflect what’s taken place. Every detail, every window, and light must be accounted for. 

BarrierEnergy, Your Title 24 Doctors

Our team knows energy codes inside and out. In order to prevent project delays, get us involved as early in the process as possible. We should be in communication with every involved party, from the designer to the contractor. Using experts will safeguard quality assurance on your Title 24 Report. No matter your location in California, contact us for your project needs today. All we require to complete the CF1R is a digital copy of your plans. 


Title 24 Report

Example of a Title 24 Report: Page 1

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