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What Causes Hot/Cold Spots?:

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a stuffy or drafty room. However, what happens when you can’t seem to solve this issue? Overall, a multitude of factors cause hot spots and cold drafts indoors. Essentially, every system in the building works together. Pay attention to how well the building is sealed as a whole, to the HVAC itself. If air leakage or insulation are not the problems, air balance might be. Air balance refers to the airflow to and from the house, as well as how temperature-controlled air is dispersed. Hence, a balanced system has sufficient intake and exhaust airflow. A balanced system also distributes air evenly through every vent. Specifically, air balance improves the efficiency of the HVAC system. Therefore, Air Test and Balance can effectively prevent the uneven distribution of indoor temperature.  

A certified Air Balancing technician completes the testing piece in AT&B. Undoubtedly, the technician begins by reading the airflow rates at the supply and return registers. Supply vents release temperature-controlled air into each space. Typically, the HVAC either re-circulates air through the filter or pulls in fresh ventilation from outside. Return ducts pull the air from inside back to the HVAC system. Next, the inspector will record and analyze their findings. Depending on the outcome, they may recommend certain solutions. Ultimately, Air Test and Balance will increase creature comfort by improving the efficiency of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems.

BarrierEnergy Launches Air Balance Testers:

Air Test and Balance

Airflow Test

In California, the law regulates Air Test and Balance. Explicitly, Building Codes state “A certified independent agency shall test all systems… (to) provide a certified air balance report for review prior to final inspection.” Furthermore, technicians must carry out testing in two phases. They verify air balance at “rough” (before walls are installed) and once again right before “final”. Then, they can provide the necessary Air Balance Report.

BarrierEnergy has over a decade of experience with Air Test and Balance. Our certified technicians specialize in both residential and commercial Air Balance. For this reason, we’ve decided to launch a new business specially dedicated to it: Air Balance Testers. Please check out our new website where you can find tons more information on Air Balance. Keep us in mind for your next construction projects’ needs! 

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