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History of HERS

California is pioneering the way in efficiency standards. Established in 1974, the California Energy Commission (CEC) aims to eliminate green-house gas emissions, pollution, and waste. Residential and Commercial Real Estate have been concerning areas of waste, in the past. The CEC has begun to tackle this issue with codes regulating building materials, building systems, and building equipment. Building codes that regulate energy efficiency fall under Title 24, Section 6 in the CEC guidelines. Thusly, the Home Energy Rating System was created to verify compliance with these codes. HERS Raters are trained to know these guidelines in and out.

A HERS Rater is licensed to measure the energy efficiency of features and systems of buildings in precise, mathematical detail. They are trained how to collect data on every aspect of house including HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning), plumbing, insulation, windows, and more. Using equations, they translate their findings into an energy report. These reports confirm that the building is within energy efficiency code standards. These standards are outlined on the CEC website directly, click here.

The energy efficiency of buildings is important because it attributes to a large source of waste economically and environmentally. When efficiency is kept in mind, building systems are designed to work smarter not harder. As a result, resident’s energy bills have decreased, the economy has improved, and that state of California has saved billions of dollars annually. Furthermore, building systems are more resilient and likely to last longer. Homeowners and builders benefit alike.

BarrierEnergy HERS Raters

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is used to test and enforce energy code standards set by the California Energy Commission. HERS Raters perform state compliance inspections on residential and commercial buildings, as outlined in Title 24, Section 6. These codes apply to the efficiency standards of new and altered Real Estate, both residential and commercial. The HERS index gives buildings a scoring based on their energy efficiency, out of a 0-150 scale. A higher score indicates more energy is being used per capita. In California, any new or altered buildings must surpass the state’s minimum mandatory energy score. Optional upgrades would help to improve a property’s savings, increase the value of the property, and possibly qualify the property for tax credits.

Our experts at BarrierEnergy are licensed to perform HERS building inspections in the state of California. HERS Raters are trained to spot sources of energy waste within a building, and then consult you on how to resolve those issues. We are here to guide you through your construction project or home upgrades by handling all of your Title 24 needs seamlessly. With our help, your project will not get held up because of energy compliance codes. Reach out to one of our team members today or sign-up for a free quote here.




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