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His & HERS

HERS is the (Home Energy Rating System) adopted by the California Energy Commission, to test and verify the energy efficiency of Real Estate. At BarrierEnergy, we use this system to enforce state mandated energy codes. These codes, which have been put into affect since 1974, have changed the construction industry forever. Construction has been largely known as a male-dominated field. Men are typically strong and good with handy-work. We like to think of the HERS approach as balancing that masculine energy. The goal of the HERS system is to improve the energy efficiency of new and altered buildings.
We understand ours is a world of fluid and changing gender definitions and roles, especially in a place like Santa Barbara. While the man traditionally builds the home, the home itself is the domain of women. To think in terms of consequences within a long view, to create sustainable practices, to safeguard the earths natural resources, and to care for people’s wellbeing, are all what we perceive to be traditionally feminine traits. That’s because women are mothers and typically natural caregivers.

BarrierEnergy Values the Feminine Touch

We love when our values to reflect in our practices. If you ask the founder and CEO of BarrierEnergy, Michael Barriere, the acronym HERS (Home Energy Rating System) is no coincidence. In a sector primarily dominated by men, manufacturers, construction workers, designers, architects, installers; there has been a lack of the necessary, balancing viewpoint of women. HERS rating has its origins in consumer protection. Wherein previous times, HVAC manufacturers, installers, and architects were not regulated by any set of energy efficiency standards. This allowed for potentially dangerous and inefficient installation of these systems inside of people’s homes and businesses. You can see why oversight might be necessary. We are seeing a slow change in legislature to represent more feminine values. Presently, it’s important that our job exists.
In tandem with widespread legislative traction, not just in California but nationwide and globally, we have also seen a rise in awareness of human impact on Climate Change. People are starting to realize their roles as stewards of the planet. Wider appreciation for a more feminine approach to how we structure our lives, our homes and our relationship to energy has then necessarily expanded the scope of our work. The need for consumers to be protected, for our homes to be safe, and for energy to be conserved are all within this domain. 
Here at BarrierEnergy, we revere the input of the feminine perspective. We see the continued respect of this input as critical in how we approach the world as a business, and as humanitarians. If you would like to learn more about how you can help, by making your own home or business more energy efficient, reach out to one of our experts today.
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