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CEC’s Virtual Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival

For the first time in the history of Earth Day, Santa Barbara is hosting a virtual festival. Earth Day became a national holiday on March 21, 1970. Its roots began in Santa Barbara, as a mark of environmental protection after the oil spill in 1969. April 22nd is now a day of ecological awareness, in remembrance of the consequences of environmental negligence. California is certainly not going to allow Coronavirus to cancel the E-Day celebration. Nonetheless, not meeting in person is going to change the dynamics of the festival this year. 

Instead of physical booths, businesses and non-profits are holding virtual booths. Booths will be open continually from April 22nd through April 24th. Eventhub is hosting this three-day event with help from The California Energy Commission. Throughout the days, attendees will log on and be able to browse booths they are interested in by keyword searches. This way, members of the public can locate and support organizations dedicated to environmentalism. Of course, attendees will be educated through webinars, handouts, and links. Also, there will be a variety of giveaways and auctions for visitors to sign-up for.

Join Us

We’d like to personally invite you to join us at this event. Especially, you won’t want to miss this local event if you’re a California native. BarrierEnergy will be sponsoring a giveaway of free services, which will be hosted by Michael Barriere’s new nonprofit, Beyond Energy Efficiency. The prizes will be a duct leakage test, an air leakage assessment, and an energy efficiency inspection. These are high value services you could receive for free. Visit our booth (link here) to sign up for your chance to win. We are also providing free handouts with practical information on energy efficiency. 

Additionally, we’d like you to join a free discussion that interests you. Each day will have a different theme. Please, take a look at the various topics we will be discussing and mark it in your calendar! 

Events Calendar

April 22nd: Youth Leadership

11 am: Introduction of Beyond Energy Efficiency, Sponsors, and Giveaway – with Michael Barriere

12 pm: How Sustainability Will Affect Future Generations with Michael Barriere

1pm: Open Q&A – with Michael Barriere

April 23rd: Business Leadership (dedicated to BE)

11 am: Open Discussion about HERS Rating, Q&A – with Chris Barriere

4:30 pm: Benefits of Energy Efficiency and EE as a Resource – with Michael Barriere

5:00 pm: In-Depth Description of Giveaway Services – with Michael Barriere

April 24th: Community Leadership (dedicated to BEE empowering communities)

12 pm: Restorative Yoga Class with Breath Work and Self-Massage – Llive Webinar with Sonya Barriere

1 pm: Social Sustainability Through Body Work – Discussion – with Sonya Barriere

2 pm: Food Sustainability & Decentralization Empower Communities: Beyond Energy Efficiency’s Farmbox Campaign – Discussion with Michael Barriere

3 pm: Drawing for Raffle Winners

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