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Clean Energy = Clean Air

Clean energy includes not only renewable resources, but energy efficiency as a whole. Improving efficiency could be as simple as adding insulation, or as complex as a solar energy system. Evidently, clean energy has numerous benefits. A major goal of green energy has always been a healthy environment. Typically, saving money and resources are also motivating benefits people know. Now, as we put these ideas into practice, we are learning more about how clean energy benefits our health. 

People who live in high density areas suffer more from illnesses caused by polluted air. That’s because fossil fuels release harmful toxins. Brain, heart and lung problems are most common according to Physicians for Social Responsibility. Conversely, clean energy means less usage and less emissions. Energy efficiency reduces levels of particulate matter and toxic chemicals. Thusly, clean energy equals clean air.

Health Impacts of Energy Efficiency

Yes, clean energy has been shown to improve mental and physical health. Fresh air clears our bodies of toxins, giving our bodies greater healing ability. Oxygen improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. Furthermore, our brains are able to function at maximum potential. Access to a clean environment can relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and concentration disorders. 

Another health benefit of energy efficiency is much more obvious: creature comfort. So many take for granted the ability to efficiently cool and heat their homes or places of business. Weatherization measures, such as properly sealing a building, make a big difference in indoor air quality. Temperature control is vital for people with health conditions. Efficiency can even prevent widespread blackouts in peak seasons. When people need it most, they must be able to rely on their HVAC systems, to survive.  

When we think about investing in energy efficiency as investing in our communities, the answer is obvious. Many states are taking steps to increase and incentivize energy efficiency. Clean energy can save health costs and boost the economy by attraction. Everyone wants to be near fresh air and comfort. 

California Air Quality

California is leading the way to efficiency in the United States. Many of their cities are either on their way to full dependence on renewable energy or have already achieved it. Public and private transportation, construction, agriculture, and all industries are making major changes. California is protecting it’s citizens from the blind ambitions of big business, while investing in their economy. 

If you live in Southern California and would like to learn more about efficiency measures you can take, we can help. As energy efficiency building inspectors, our team can thoroughly assess the efficiency of your property. From there, our technicians are trained to recommend the most cost effective upgrades you can make. Reach out to us today for an energy assessment. 

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