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Energy Efficiency Isn’t Expensive!:

Many people believe EE is expensive. There’s a lot of misinformation, which fuels stigma. To uncover the true value of energy efficiency, one must look beneath the surface. For instance, somebody may go to the store for a new fridge. They see two refrigerators, except one is energy star rated and one is not. The one that is more efficient is more expensive, so they take the cheap one and go. However, they failed to calculate the difference in their energy bills compared to the lifetime of each refrigerator. In fact, that thought didn’t even cross their minds. If that same person had purchased the energy star appliance, the savings on their energy bills would’ve offset those initial differences. Over the lifetime of that refrigerator, they would’ve received a good return on investment. The actual cost of the energy efficient refrigerator IS cheaper when saving hundreds of dollars per year. Now that’s myth-busting!

Running with this example, now every time that person hears or sees “energy efficiency” an alarm bell goes off in their head. Unjustly so, they believe they made the right decision and avoid it at all costs. So, don’t be that person! You will be the person who did their research and knows upfront costs versus actual costs. Now, in no way am I saying go out and replace every appliance this second! Though, next time an old appliance breaks down, pick an efficient one to replace it. These small investments will add up over time. 

Myth-Busting Energy Efficiency as a Resource:

The reality is, energy efficiency is America’s CHEAPEST resource. That’s right! Why? Saving energy is cheaper than making money. I’m talking on a large scale; this is bigger than appliances. This is all products, all systems of production and delivery. Take, our outdated energy system that is over a hundred years old. It’s falling apart, which requires constant work to upkeep and replace. It relies mostly on fossil fuels, which need to be harvested and processed. Think about all that work, compared to making simple efficient adjustments within current systems. There is untapped energy waiting to be harvested. By improving systems of production and distribution, energy efficiency could become the largest industry yet! 

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