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Self-Sufficiency = Freedom

Defining Self-Sufficiency: Most Americans would agree they value freedom and independence as top priorities. Our country was founded on fleeing tyranny to gain independence, or self-sufficiency. But, it seems as soon as we get away from one form, another begins....

Vote with Your Wallet!

Supply V. Demand: As a consumer, you may have more power than you think. Shoppers tend to think they are helpless. They believe they are at the whim of companies who sell products, the suppliers. They tell themselves there is limited selection. For example, if...

Is California Going 100% Electric?

Benefits of 100% Electric The state of California plans to increase its use of electric power, in place of gas. This is one of their many goals posts on the way to a Zero-Net energy future. Some of the benefits of electricity include less environmental impact and...
Compliance Tracts

Compliance Tracts

Introduction to Compliance Codes: The state of California has decided to take on the task of eliminating waste through progressive laws. Compliance with these laws is legally required and ensured by various testing. Their goal is to reach zero net energy by 2050....

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