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“I had BarrierEnergy perform the QII Insulation and the Duct Leak Testing for my new home. They were very quick and responsive to coming out and testing… I would recommend them.”

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Michael Byrd

“BarrierEnergy does such a great job. This is the second time I’ve worked with them. They are quick, efficient, clean, professional, and reliable with their testing. They were a great help in getting our Title 24 sign-off.”

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Andrea Shaparenko

“Great team, helped us immensely with required city HVAC inspections (HERS). Knowledgeable and willing to work with an unpredictable schedule. Thanks!”

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Elihu Bogan

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1) Title 24 Consulting
Title 24 and CF1R Registration
2) Existing Conditions
3) HERS Project Management
Permit Assistance
+ Alternative Energy Solutions
Permit Assistance
+ Permit Assistance
+ Non-Residential Construction

Benefits of building efficiency Codes & permit assistance:

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